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The Training Station is a personal training studio that provides it's our clients with a very unique experience. Our personal training studios have some of the highest qualified trainers,working with some of the best equipment,delivering the latest techniques to ensure that your training is of the highest order.

Our sister business, Onelifestyle, is the largest home based personal training company with over 200 trainers working nationwide going to clients homes and some, also working out of the studios. The first of our personal training studios @ beaconsfield now in its 7th year, its been a real success, offering a broad range of holistic services, so we know how to look after you and give you what you need from group training through to working with you on most rehabilitative or medical conditions. So if the two elements - the physical and the mental - are not in harmony, both will suffer.

In addition to you getting all the great physical benefits of exercise, we will ensure:

  • High quality male & female personal trainers and extensive services offered
  • We are very experienced with most conditions and develop most peoples training needs
  • High quality training venues with the latest fitness equipment and practicing the most upto date techniques
  • Relaxed environments with restricted numbers of clients training at any one time to allow you an exclusive experience
  • Open 7 days a week whenever you need to
We currently offer a free consultation so you can get familiar with your trainer and they can understand your needs, so dont hesitate,call or email us now to get started, your success is our success. Our number one priority is helping you to feel healthy & motivated all the time.

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