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The use of our personal training studio allows high competent PT's a great place to work with their clients that provides a wide range of equipment and facilities, meaning that their workouts and programs are not limited by lack of the right equipment.

Using a Training Station personal training studio also means that trainers can work in a neutral, professional environment, rather than your home whcih sometimes can be limiting with space or your preference to get out of your home. While convenient for the client, working in the client's home can be loaded with potential problems, from lack of space and facilities, to negative associations for the client - homes have all sorts of emotional associations for people, both exercise related and external.

so our Personal training studio network, on the other hand, immediately put the whole process on a serious, professional footing. When you train at our facility, there is no doubt that you are there for one reason, and one reason alone - to exercise. This immediately puts you in a positive frame of mind, ready to workout.

So what do you look for? First and foremost a professional atmosphere - this should be a place that is designed to encourage you to exercise.

Our equipment is state of the art and comprehensive - free weighs, machines, a good range of cardio machines, studios and space to stretch.

They are clean - spotless even - with good changing rooms. In short, you should find everything that you expect to find at a top of the range health club, except the crowds! Nothing ruins a workout quicker than having to queue or wait for equipment.

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