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Pre & Post Natal Training

More and more women are seeing pre/post natal training as an important part of the process of having as baby. The potential benefits of Pre/post natal training are huge:

  • Less pain and discomfort during pregnancy
  • Less weight gain during pregnancy
  • Less physical restrictions during pregnancy
  • Easier labour
  • Faster recovery from labour
  • Healthier babies
  • Quicker return to normal activities after delivery
  • Quicker return to normal weight after pregnancy
Of course, pre/post natal training must respect the realities of your condition, meaning that care must be taken with certain issues. For example:

Pregnant women should be careful not to overheat when exercising Exercise should be moderate, avoiding high heart rates. Thus you should avoid exercise such as intervals or spin classes Movements performed flat on the back should be avoided after the first trimester.

In addition, much of what you do should be guided by common sense. Activities with a high risk of falling, such as show jumping, downhill mountain biking, or gymnastics, should be avoided, and this is not the time to suddenly leap into a program that is radically harder that what you normally do.

A trained professional will be able to set you up with a program that takes into account your current level of fitness, what exercise you already do, any medical history, and of course your own needs and preferences.

Similarly, once you have given birth, a program can be designed that will speed your recovery, whether you've had a natural birth or surgery, and will help you to quickly recover your regular levels of strength and energy.

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