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Physical Rehabilitation

Using personal training for physical rehabilitation is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you recover effectively from an injury, illness, or surgery.

Most people don't fully rehabilitate after an injury, illness or surgery, meaning that they don't recover full function to the affected area. However, using personal training for physical rehabilitation ensures that your recovery is as complete as possible.

Without engaging in personal training for physical rehabilitation you run the risk of never fully recovering from the problem you have experienced. That can result in:

  • Reduced strength
  • Reduced flexibility
  • Loss of full use of the affected area
  • Increased likelihood of future injury or problems

However, a properly designed program will look at the trauma the area has undergone (whether from injury, surgery, or due to illness), assess the current condition (strength, flexibility, function), and then prescribe a program that will maximize the chances of full recovery.

Although rehab is offered through the NHS, it is often too little, too late - waiting lists and lack of funds mean that many people don't begin rehab until it is already too late, and then only have one session per week - not nearly enough to resolve most issues.

By taking responsibility and finding a professional to rehab an affected area, you will be ensuring that you are maximizing your chances of recovery, and minimizing your chances of future problems.

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