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Specialist Training

Offering specialist personal training makes sense for exercise professionals. Specialist personal training not only increases the range of skills and the marketability of an exercise professional, it is also a reflection of the lifestyle trends within a society.

Thus, specialist personal training is likely to include working with the types of conditions most prevalent in society. Areas to consider are specialist personal training that involves working with:

  • Back conditions
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Heart conditions
  • Pre/post natal training

What all of these reflect is the growing understanding of the positive impact that exercise can have on each of these conditions. Of course, while as exercise professionals we would prefer to be doing more preventative work, the reality is that we often have to work with people once they have already reached a critical point.

To work in any of these areas you will need to look at appropriate training and certification. Referrals will often come from doctors, hospitals or insurance companies, and recognized certification will be a prerequisite for working with these clients.

As with most things to do with training and certification, REPS should be your first port of call if you are thinking of specializing - it is vital that any course you take leads to a recognised qualification.

However, with appropriate training and certification, you will be far more marketable, and should be able to increase your client base and thus your income.

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