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A growing area of specialization, combining personal training and diabetes is an excellent way to increase your marketability.

Working in personal training and diabetes reflects the growing incidence of this illness in the population. There are currently around 2 million diabetes sufferers in the UK, representing almost 3% of the population.

In addition, experts estimate that there are a further million undiagnosed cases in the UK. The demand on the NHS is huge, consuming almost 10% of the total budget, so anything that can be done to reduce patients' dependence on medication is to be welcomed.

That's where personal training and diabetes comes in. Research has shown that regular exercise can reduce the demand for medication by 20% in diabetics, and dramatically reduce the symptoms. Benefits include:

  • Control of blood glucose levels: Regular exercise helps to reduce blood glucose levels, and also decreases insulin resistance. Research has indicated that physical activity actually increases the insulin receptors in the red blood cells, helping to keep average blood glucose levels normal.The discipline of checking blood glucose levels before and after a workout can be a motivator to continue the exercise regimen.
  • Improved cardiovascular function: Other life threatening diseases typically go hand in hand with diabetes, including cardiovascular diseases such as hardening of arteries, heart attack, and stroke. An exercise program can help to lower blood pressure, reduce levels of "bad cholesterol" (LDL), and increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).
  • Weight control: Exercise helps obese or overweight clients to lose weight, another key factor in controlling type II diabetes.

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