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Sports Therapy

Less well known than other fields, Sports Therapy focuses on the prevention of injury, and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels. This can include occupational and exercise-specific fitness, and utilizes the principles of sport and exercise sciences, including physiological and pathological processes.

Sports Therapy can help to prepare you for training, competition and sometimes even work. To practice in this field requires a depth of training and qualifications that includes:

  • The knowledge and ability to provide first aid and attend to injuries in a recreational, training and competitive environment.
  • The knowledge and ability to assess patients and, where appropriate, refer to others for specialist advice and intervention.
  • The knowledge and ability to provide sports massage both before and after activity.
  • The knowledge and ability to implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes following injury, illness, or surgery.
  • The knowledge to utilize sports and exercise principles to optimize preparation and injury prevention programmes.

Practitioners typically work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, enabling them to provide the best package of care, management and rehabilitation for sport and recreational participants, whatever their age and ability.

The governing body, The Society of Sports Therapists, ensures that therapists are trained, educated and capable of providing care from a basic first aid level to graduate status, and have the necessary levels of competencies and knowledge required to be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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