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Benefits of Pilates

What are the benefits of Pilates? Teachers and practitioners swear by this form of exercise, which was originally developed in the 1920s. Those who perform it regularly claim that the benefits of Pilates include increased body awareness, improvements in posture and alignment habits, increased flexibility, and greater ease of movement.

Qualified teachers have to acquire a thorough understanding human anatomy, and design a programme for each client that is aimed to maximize the benefits of Pilates. These include:

  • Improvements in coordination, both muscular and mental.
    • Increased strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles (the core).
      • Increased lung capacity and improved circulation from deep, healthy breathing.
        • Increases in bone density.
        • Improvements in joint health.
        • Positive body awareness.
        • Improvements in posture.
        Who can do this fascinating form of exercise? While it is popular with those such as athletes and dancers who are looking to improve their technique, it is suitable for everyone, from children to the elderly. There are other populations for whom it is particularly useful:

        • Pre and post natal women
        • Those needing help with injury prevention
        • Those needing remedial and rehabilitation work following illness, surgery or injury
        As with other forms of exercise such as yoga, those who practice regularly report not only improvements in their physical conditioning, but also positive changes throughout their life. This is an inherently relaxing form of exercise, and can thus help to reduce stress and improve overall health and well being.

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