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Nutritional Analysis

An increasingly popular technique, nutritional analysis can help you to uncover the flaws in your diet, and make corrections to maximize your nutrient intake.

Nutritional analysis can therefore help you get the best from your food and thus improve your health. Nutritional analysis can develop an individual profile that includes information about not only your diet, but also facts about your age, sex, weight and health goals to provide a completely personalized report.

There are various methods. Some use a food frequency questionnaire that asks a number of simple questions on the amount and frequency of the food you eat to determine your dietary intake.

A more detailed method is to analyze your diet based on a 7-day weighed food intake - this is very time consuming, however, requiring that each individual item of food you eat is weighed and evaluated over seven day period.

Once all the information is gathered and assessed, you will be able to see exactly what is in your diet. This can include information such as:

  • Your fat intake
  • Your protein intake
  • Your carbohydrate intake
  • Your vitamin intake
  • Your mineral intake
  • Your fruit and vegetable intake
  • Your dietary fibre intake
  • Your essential fatty acid intake

A dietician or nutritionist can then use this information to diagnose any health problems, address any nutritional deficiencies, or design a custom diet for athletes or other people with particular dietary needs.

With more and more people suffering from allergies and other diet-related issues, this can be vital information for anyone looking to optimize their health.

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