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Holistic Services

Personal training and holistic services aren't necessarily associated in many people's minds, but in reality it makes a lot of sense to combine the two. Holistic services are all about helping you to achieve your maximum potential, while still respecting all aspects of your life - from work to leisure, diet to exercise, family to spiritual aspects.

Combining this with personal training allows you to be sure that your physical health is receiving as much attention as your spiritual and mental well-being. If the two parts - the physical and the mental - are not in harmony, both will suffer.

Holistic Services, when applied to personal training, means that your exercise program and diet support your overall health and well-being, fitting seamlessly into your life, supporting and enhancing all aspects of it.

Research has shown that people who exercise regularly are more relaxed, can think more clearly, sleep better, have better self-esteem, and suffer considerably fewer mental health problems.

In addition, you get all the great physical benefits of exercise, which include:

  • 50% less likely to get type 2 diabetes
  • 50% less likely to develop coronary heart disease
  • Increased levels of HDL ('good' cholesterol)
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Increased bone density and protection from osteoporosis
  • Reduction in symptoms of arthritis and lower back pain
  • Reduced risk of cancer, particularly bowel cancer and breast cancer in women after menopause
  • Helping to maintain a healthy weight

For anyone interested in achieving an overall life balance, combining these elements is the only way to ensure optimum physical and mental health.

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